:: packed away ::

July 1st, 2010

Now that the books have finally landed in many hot hands of OAK knitters, it is time to show what it took us to get it all to work!

Vanessa got back from her short trip abroad to find out that the books have finally been released from customs and can be promptly sorted out and packaged to get on their merry way to our loyal subscribers, who trusted and believed in us, who wanted to be the first to see the book, the result of hard work of a year and a half! For that we thank you all!!

Some logistic issues had to be sorted out, as for our subscribers we wanted to have their copies signed by both of us, but being separated by the Pacific Ocean – Vanessa in California, myself in Japan – we have found a solution! And now each book had our signatures in them. Yes for success!

Once all lists and preparations were ready, Vanessa and her husband got to work on packing and mailing hundreds of boxes!! Just to give you an extent, many haven’t expected our book to be hard cover copy, but they do weigh significantly more than regular paperback, so lifting and carrying it all – one big work out! Now if you were waiting for them books to arrive, please get yourself a copy!  You can get it directly from us or from a chosen group of yarn stores in the United States as well as several stores overseas. Time to beat summer heat with knitting those weather perfect garments! I am wearing Airfoil skirt today in this 80F heat and it feels breezy, love the pockets and that it’s a stretchy knit without being sheer.

Let me hear that knitting needles music, ladies and gentlemen!

Paper out of Linen

May 16th, 2010

Habu Textiles A-60

I am not sure how did it start for many of you, but my first Habu Textiles yarn was Shosenshi Linen paper that I purchased back in 2006 from Knit Purl store online. How do I remember? I have just found my receipt the other day. It was funny that I was actually looking for a raffia like yarn.. and I really didn’t know what I was getting myself into. When it has arrived it took me 3 hours to gently wind it by hand, as at that time I didn’t own yet a swift or a ball-winder. The feel of it really surprised me, it was much thinner and more fragile than I would want from this “raffia” to be. So my crochet swatch of it really didn’t do what I needed. I put it in the basket thinking what a fiasco… Only later to find out what a treasure I had acquired for my stash.

I know I have heard many stories later that people had purchased yarns like that from Habu textiles and not knowing what to do with it. But with time I have learnt – you can pair that yarn with anything or knit by itself and get an amazing result. This is what yarn from Habu Textiles was all about. Create your own with an array of their yarns to find one in particular you love.

Swatch above made using 4 different colors of A-60 on 4mm needle knit only with a single strand of it.

This season starts with a linen paper additions. Thinner (2mm) version of Shosenshi Linen N-67B has joined the team, it is still rustles as you knit with it and still has all the features of the A-60, but now you can incorporate it with with lots of other tiny threads or work it on its own as shown in a charcoal swatch below, knit single-stranded on 3.25mm needle.

And a thicker addition of Linen paper has also made appearance in a face of N-70, which represents 3 linen paper strands individually twisted, then plied together to create one yarn. It gives it rather chunky weight and can certainly suit those who love quicker results on bigger needles. Swatch in brick color below is made using 5.5mm needle and is also held single-stranded.

While doing some research one can find out that traditionally paper, linen paper has been used in kimono weaving in Japan for centuries. Paper has this amazing feature of heat insulation (for a laugh, bums on the street stuff their jackets with newspapers to keep warm, too literal, but it has a point). And on the subject how is it made.. flax is ground into cellulose-like mass and then strung into a flat tape that is later re-enforced with sizing/starch like glue. Garments created with this yarn are air light, if handled wrong this yarn can give you couple paper cuts, so be careful. But overall it is an amazing experience to try knitting with this one-of-a-kind material. You feel like a part of some secret club. It would sing in your hands, just give it a tune and listen.