Olga Buraya-Kefelian and Vanessa Yap-Einbund were brought together in 2006 via the Internet through a shared passion for knitwear design. Their extensive conversations revealed a similar design sensibility and a desire to share this passion with the public.

As a child, Olga was surrounded by craft and started sewing and knitting at a very young age. An avid knitter, Vanessa admires Olga’s sense of style and her thoughtful designs. Vanessa states, “Every single stitch that glides through Olga’s fingers means something to her. She is always thinking about design and knitting. It’s in her being.” Olga, an established knitwear designer and Vanessa, a graphic designer and photographer, wish to encourage others to explore their modern interpretation of this craft. Also collaborating in this endeavor is Kirsten Johnstone. An architect and designer based in Melbourne, Australia with a passion for modern efficient design, Kirsten explores this interest through a variety of techniques – built, knit, sewn, photographed and written. Kirsten’s minimalist aesthetic results in a deceptively simple, fresh and elegant response.

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