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Welcome to our World!

Monday, October 26th, 2009

So who are we? Olga and Vanessa come from different continents but currently reside in USA and are constantly drawn to crafting outlets. We became friends almost three years ago. We bonded over our shared love for knitting and as we found out with years not just an ordinary conventional kind.We started exchanging emails, then gradually moved on to chatting almost daily about everything related to knitting [of course] and other things in our lives.

Sometime in 2006 both of us purchased our first skeins and cones of Habu Textiles yarn which looked very unusual in their presented state.  We heard many fellow knitters say, “I’ve purchase some Habu to try but have no idea what to make with it”. We got our initial inspirations thanks to Setsuko Torii Hand-Knit Works Book. Where each of us made at least 2 garments and experimented with many more. By trying and swatching tiny little threads into malleable and sometimes rigid yet soft fabrics made us fall in love. Rustling noise of linen paper turned quiet knitting time into ambient background sound. Process and effect becomes quite addictive and what more can one want making what becomes your favorite garments to wear?!

Beginning of this year is when we really started putting down rough sketches and ideas for the book. Having been published couple times before Olga has known only several of the challenges publishing a book can create. We both think that it’s crucial for us to dedicate time for each detail without rushing into random ideas. Desire to control every single step of making may be ambitious but we wanted to insure that people would enjoy the book from cover to cover. With that said, Olga was the driving force behind the designs in this book. Ability to explore and reveal amazing texture every time you combine fibers together from Habu kept inspiration flow limitless. We keep admiring organic simplicity and surprising details of multiple styling without looking awkward. What you would be reading here, hopefully you can find useful and inspirational as it is for us! Thank you for your support and interest!

Our First Blog Post

Friday, October 2nd, 2009