I just purchased the digital book, how long does it take to receive the book via email?
If you subscribe to our digital book, it will be sent to you via email within 24-36hrs from the time you place order.  The digital book is consist of two chapters in PDF format. If you have problem viewing the PDF format on your computer. Please download the latest PDF Reader. The software is free of charge.

How long does it take to receive the printed book?
For Domestic orders it is shipped via media mail which take roughly 2-9 days and for International orders- it will take about 6-10 business days depending on your local post office.

What’s your return/refund policy? 
All sales are FINAL and they are no return, refund or exchange for either digital or printed copy of the book.

I ordered the digital and the hard cover book, I have not received the two bonus exlusive patterns?
The two exclusive patterns was offered to subscribers through our website and are ONLY available till end of April 2010. If you subscribed before April 2010 you should have both patterns — one in chapter 3 and one in 4, they are indicated Exclusive Pattern on top of that page. (Gills tank and Vespertine Necklace) However, both exclusive patterns are available for purchase as single pattern on ravelry and they will also be available on our website in a few weeks.

What is OAK stands for?
OAK is the abbreviated version of Ori Ami Knits. “Ori” of Ori Ami Knits meaning “to fold” and “Ami” which is abbreviated came from “amimono” the japanese word for knitting.

Why do we choose to self-published?
To many people, self-publishing sounds like a very bad idea in comparison to mainstream publishing. It seems that one of the biggest stigma is that of supply and demand, largely about the lack of quality in self-published books. The main reason Olga and Vanessa choose to self-publish is to maintain a full creative control over each and every aspect of the book. From planning the colors of the garments, yarn selection, photo shoot research, garment styling all the way to detailed consideration of the layout and design. Designing a book is no easy task, books are personal. We want to able to connect to like-minded knitters. Olga and Vanessa have decided to only release a limited amount of Ori Ami Knits. We have lots of ideas for future books and we want to keep producing new stuff. In the end, Ori Ami Knits is about “dream fulfillment” not about how it’s done only that it is done.

In addition to traditional printed books, Ori Ami Knits will also be available in a digital version. Olga and Vanessa think that it’s important to move forward into increasingly more-relevant forms of technology to give knitters a portable options to view patterns on their iPhone or Blackberry whenever and wherever they like.

What do we get aside from buying the book?
Aside from sharing their creations in the book, Olga and Vanessa have planned all sorts of traveling workshop, trunk shows, community forum and social media to engage with fellow knitters that are interested in the book.

Website and Blog –
Where you can find up to date information about the authors, the collection, book info/release date, inspirations, free patterns, tips as well as a catalog of Habu yarn swatches with detail description of it’s fiber contents information and
suggestions for usage.

Forum on Ravelry –
Ori Ami Knits group has been set up to help answer general questions about the book, pattern assistance and also a place for knitters to show off their own Ori Ami Knits creations.

I’m confused about the concept of “subscribing” to a book?
Subscribing to the book is pre-ordering the book on our website. If you pre-order digital or digital and hard copy, you are going to receive two separate exclusive patterns aside from the 13 patterns featured in the book. So you’ll get a total of 15 patterns. The two bonus patterns will no longer be available after the pre-order period.

– Digital version is a protected pdf file containing 15 patterns and you can pre-order it now for $24USD/$25.95CAD. There are no shipping fees involved for the digital copy, it will be emailed to you within 24 hours upon payment.

– Digital and Printed version is where you receive the digital version of the book around late January 2010 and then a hard copy will be mailed to you in the Spring of 2010, this option is $30USD/$31.95CAD plus shipping.

Is subscribing to Ori Ami Knits newsletter different than subscribing to the book?
If you join our mailing list at Ori Ami Knits you will be subscribed to our newsletter, meaning you’re on our exclusive mailing list, getting first hand information about the latest news and events. ‘Subscribing’ to Ori Ami Knits is pre-ordering the book.

Will it be possible to subscribe after the book is released?
You won’t be able to subscribe to the book after the publishing date but you will still be able to purchase digital or hard copies containing the 13 pattern collection on our website.

And if one buys either the print/digital or the digital version from your website, does that mean one is subscribed to the book?
Yes, purchases are made before April 2010.

On Ori Ami Knits website, there’s an option where I can get a digital copy of the book if I choose to purchase the printed/digital option. Do I also get a digital copy of the book if I buy from a retail yarn store?
The digital copy of the book is an exclusive offer on the Ori Ami Knits website only.

Do I get the two exclusive designs aside from the 13 designs in the book if I purchase a printed copy from a retail yarn store?
These ‘exclusive patterns’ are only offered to subscribers through our website and are only available till end of April 2010. We are planning however, to continue providing number of exclusive patterns to share with knitters that have supported us, so you will be able to purchase all of those designs through our website in the future.