N-6B Konnyaku (Vegetable Root) Sizing Silk
100% silk; 177 yds [159m] /1 oz[28gr]
Available in 4 colors as well as N6 is a natural color.

Swatch above was knit with yarn held double on 3.25mm needle and got following gauge 26 sts and 32 rows over Stockinette Stitch knit flat.  Working with this yarn felt like working with tape yarn, crisp and smooth texture.

Sizing is a kind of a glue (most of the time starch based) that holds these tiny strands of silk together into a flat, straw looking yarn. After multiple washes sizing washes out and breaks down, that makes “straw” effect go away. Best way to preserve this look of the yarn is to either soak to wash or dry clean it.

Single strand creates a transparent and drapey garment on 2.75-3.25mm needle.

Held double works great with textured stitch patterns on 3.25-3.75mm needle.