Above swatches made on 3.75mm (light green) and 3.25mm (apricot) needles.

A-32 1/12 silk mohair: comes in 4 colors.
A-32B 1/12 silk mohair : dyed with natural ingredients. Comes in 10 colors.
A-32D 1/12 silk mohair : variegated. Comes in 8 colors.
A-73 1/12 silk mohair (natural white color)
60% silk, 40% mohair
approx. 373 yds [335m]/oz [28gr]

The above swatch is knitted with two strands of silk mohair on 3.5mm needle.

This  particular silk mohair yarn is a luxury! It has more silk content than the ones available in the market. Luscious and soft to touch and very pleasant and warm to wear. Depending on the overall desired effect you want to achieve, silk mohair is designed to be knit up at several different gauges. On smaller needles like 3.25mm needle it creates a quite filmy and see-through fabric, however, you can double it for more substantial fabric. Silk mohair is completely non-itchy, entirely appropriate for any next-to-the-skin wear and doesn’t shed like any other kid mohair and silk blend yarn. It’s perfect for dressy scarves, shawls and garments.

As for knitting with it, there’s hardly any pilling, tangles or knots that often go along with such fine fibres. A sharp pointy needle is highly recommended when knitting with this yarn. Needles made out of metal and birch are great for a little extra control. Silk mohair comes in different colors. Some in solids, variegated and also natural dyed in astonishing subtle beautiful soft tones. Don’t be fooled by its tiny little skein, silk mohair has a generous 373yds per skein. Two skeins will yield a beautiful lace scarf.