Above swatch knit with 4 strands of tsumugi silk, 2 of each colors 47 and 50 knit on 5.5 mm needle.

A-1 2/17 Tsumugi Silk 
100% silk
approx. 265 yds [239 mts]/oz. [28 gm]
Available in over 40 colors.

In Japanese, Tsumugi, refers to silk techniques woven from threads that come from broken or imperfect silkworm cocoons. Tsumugi has a nubby texture and slight stiffness with a beautiful, mysterious sheen. Even though it appears slubby, but once you begin working, you’ll see that the yarn is evenly spun and consistent. Its somewhat finer gauge requires a bit of patience than your usual instant-gratification yarn. However, tsumugi silk can be knitted up at several different gauges, depending on the overall desired effect you want to achieve. With single strand to create beautiful looking lace shawl, or combined strands to create a more sturdy fabric for pullovers, jackets or bags. The drape of tsumugi silk is flattering to any body shapes. It creates truly soft and flowing fabric that is ideal for next-to-skin wear and perfect for in between season. Currently, tsumugi silk is available in over 40 colors, from blood orange to fuchsia and your basic earth tones.

The above swatch is knitted with two strands of tsumugi silk in color 54 with 4mm needle.