A-148 1/17.6 Wool Stainless Steel
75% wool, 25% stainless steel
547  yds [492 mts]/oz [28 gm]

Available in eggplant, dark green, dark brown, mocha, terracotta and grass green.

It’s nearly the same as the silk stainless steel yarn. It has a core of stainless steel and wool wrapped around the core. This fine lace weight yarn produced astonishing malleable quality with the presence of steel. As many said, there’s almost a memory in the yarn. You can twist around or gently pull it to create any shapes you like. The magic of this yarn is it’s flexibility. It’s not stiff nor scratchy.

Wool stainless steel is perhaps best suited if you knit it in two strands or pairing it up together with another thin yarn. You would create a thicker and studier fabric without losing its delicate eathereal quality. The above swatch is knitted with two strands of wool stainless steel in terra cotta.