As we progress through the 21st Century, change occurs dramatically each day. As we adjust and adapt, we seek to become more earth-conscious by using a range of renewable and recyclable, yet imaginative materials. Creating clothing using fiber blends such as bamboo, soy, corn, milk protein, steel, silk and seaweed have made large differences in the way we craft. In the pursuit of minimalism and adaptability of garment structure, the designers show some of the best ways that these fibers can be sculpted into exquisite garments, whether juxtaposed or plain, they help one create a wardrobe that expresses their personal style and aesthetic.

Olga believes each garment has its own story and purpose within the world of fashion. She creates knitwear to fulfill this principle while gathering inspiration from cross-disciplinary areas of industrial and architectural looks, while at the same time incorporates a unique vision of European and Japanese design. While she uses knitwear design as her canvas, her designs are heavily influenced by the fiber – the very essence of the material. In this case, her exploration of the unique fibers from Habu Textiles provides an excellent opportunity to express thoughtful and modern design concepts. This collection features a variety of yarns, maximizing the use of each fiber by considering weight, texture and color. Her preference for solid color balances the intricate and contemporary design detail shown throughout this collection. Vanessa has a deep appreciation of the raw fiber and has the ability to create fabric that relates to the human form in both scale and functionality. Each yarn chosen for the collection was selected with purpose.

Working with extraordinary materials to create unique, yet affordable garments is a driving force behind Ori Ami knits. The material requirements for each garment do not exceed $150 for size medium, because for the knitters making a number of garments each year, yarn can become expensive. We also seek versatility in garment design to provide clothing that intermixes and complements ones existing wardrobe, or perhaps provide a feature piece to complete an outfit.